With Odyssee Aus, you can talk about everything.

Game Design, shipbuilding, industry business development...we LISTEN.

Some would find that hard to believe to concentrate broad knowledge in a small place, but this is what our journey made of us.

Obviously, we have our own fortes in shipbuilding, game design, engineering, production and we have other domains where we have still much to learn, which is fortunate because it means we can still grow and become wiser.

But most importantly we will let you know when we do NOT know because we are NOT time wasters and spin doctors hiding behind convoluted phrasing.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this world: should you need very specific advice on a topic where we would have hit our limitation, we can reach out to our connections worldwide and redirect you to them, either directly or through us.


The list of topics we are specialized in is as follows :

  • CAD,

  • Game Design,

  • shipbuilding design philosophies,

  • naval architecture,

  • systems engineering,

  • engineering design,

  • industrialization,

  • indigenous built program from overseas design and Transfer of Technology,

  • production,

  • facilities for submarine build and maintenance,

  • Integrated Product Development Environment.



We genuinely believe that the understanding of a different culture is one of the most essential things in our work. Indeed, submarine projects are often cross-cultured as it involves two or more countries.


Understanding each other leads to work efficiently in a multicultural team, and contribute to build strong international relationships.


We listen carefully to you. Always. We respect your difference.

We would never tell you how to do things, instead we would propose you with options tailored to your own culture and your way of doing things.


We have experienced a long-standing practice in international environment with demanding customers, which requires to always give our best, professionally and personally with our coworkers, even when there is pressure and tight deadlines. Relationship matters, working in a friendly atmosphere should never be underestimate. 


Having more than 20 years of experience working for both Australian, Asian and  European submarine companies, our particularity is to understand different cultures and countries, and to bridge between them to make teams smoothly work altogether.