One of our strength is to give an accurate expertise on broad as well as technical detailed topics thanks to years of practice in build, sea trials and in-service support for submarines and technical leadership in submarine design.

Our experience includes:

  • supporting an overseas customer in developing indigenous submarine capability,

  • performing design reviews and delivering technical advice,

  • reviewing and advising on Industrial Capability,

  • advising on industrial processes and shipyard facilities,

  • developing and delivering the Submarine Design Course (Graduate Certificate Level) at University of Adelaide,

  • advising on Integrated Product Development Environment,

  • being in charge of the engineering and build capability development plan for ASC Pty Ltd,

  • contributing to the relationship with Defense companies of France (including Naval Group) for the future partnership aspects and Australianisation of design, including technical (Defense Seaworthiness) and commercial aspects,

  • exploring the transfer of technology aspects, including supply chain aspects,

  • initiating and leading the facilities upgrade plan for the Future Submarine from an Australian perspective,

  • making and presenting bids for governmental requests for tender on submarines,

  • delivering of papers for the future submarine capability in Australia at the Submarine Entreprise Board,

  • delivering technical and commercial assessments and issuing recommendations for future submarine opportunities.


Our principal reason for working with the University is to build a marine engineering program that would serve the best the interests of both students and companies. More than just a job, it is also about being able to transmit submarines passion through courses and student internships. We strongly think that it is important to accompany and guide students through their journey by making sure to give them the right piece of information and the advice they would need. Our involvement in Project Management of Research and Technology contracts and Engineering studies also helps us to find the young talents that we are going to need in the very near future. Our experience includes:

  • identifying gaps to fill in tertiary education of Marine Engineering Studies,

  • creating and delivering courses of the Graduate Diploma of Marine Engineering,

  • coordinating Submarine Design courses,

  • creating and organise a masters program content,

  • finding the best experts to create and teach within the masters program,

  • finding the best tools for students to use within the masters program.