Diving Deep
Exploring new realms and
ODYSSEE AUS is specialised in Engineering and Consultancy in Submarines and Defense.
With more than 20 years in the submarine industry worldwide, we are aware of the complexity of submarines in their lifecycle, from cradle to grave, from early concept design up to decommissioning. Hence, we are aware that nobody knows everything and that there is much to understand and to solve. This is why we are explorers in this world, to grasp the issues in their specific environment, the very one our customers are living in, and we dive deep to provide options and advice.
We live by telling the truth based on evidence and factual analysis, however hard it can be, rather than what would please the ears and egos, and we deliver without complacency. We work and live with humanistic values: emotional intelligence rather than cold logic, diversity rather than uniformity, inclusion rather than segregation.
We believe in the wealth of cultural exchange and education of the young talents.
As Odysseus in his journey to Troy and way back to Ithaca, we embark on an adventure, under the aegis of Athena.