Eric Fusil

C.E.O & founder of Odyssee Aus Pty Ltd

20 years in industry can teach you a great deal.
20 years+ in the submarine defence industry taught me how little I know.

Coming from a strong technical background with my European experience, my soft skills and aspiration found a fertile soil in our fair Australia. 

I now stand at the confluence of various streams in my business, from engineering to production with extensions into the commercial and corporate worlds.

I like to think I am an humanist with a vision to make the world a better place, even many will dispute the way I chose in military submarines. I also volunteer as president of the Adelaide French Australian School Association.

To these seemingly distant ends, I strongly believe in the best of both worlds as the way forward. Facilitation between these worlds is where I see my place to be.

Differences are not something to be afraid of. It is a challenge to your mind and for your personal development.

I have committed myself and my family to Australia and the Future Submarine Programme.

You will always find in me some passion about this topic, amongst others such as bilingual education.

Should you need to challenge your ways for the greater good, please be my guest and open my South Australian door.